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Restorative Pilates Classes

Address flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, posture, and alignment issues with help from The Posture Bar Pilates and Chiropractic Studio in Farmington, Connecticut. Our Pilates Reformer and Ballet Barre classes will help improve your body appearance and flexibility. We use an innovative system of mind-body exercises developed from the principles of Joseph Pilates.

The efficient moves of the Pilates Reformer combined with the Ballet Barre will work all muscle groups and help you achieve a longer, leaner sculpted physique. These are both designed to get maximum results in minimum time. Please note that we only accept six clients per class.

We Teach Contemporary and Restorative Pilates

Contemporary Pilates is based upon the original work of Joseph Pilates. However, this has been adapted to today’s research about the body, biomechanics, and the field of rehabilitation.

Pilates was originally created when most of the general population worked in labor rather than offices. A contemporary take on Pilates takes a more current and functional approach on how we use our bodies every day.

Private Training

If you are new to using Pilates machines or Pilates classes, we recommend that you get started in a private training program before entering into the small group equipment classes.

In these private sessions, we have the opportunity to assess your gait, shoulder organization, spine and pelvis alignment, injuries, and muscle imbalances. The more we can discover about you, the better we may serve you in a class setting so that we may custom tailor each class or session to your needs.

The private sessions also allow you to learn the fundamentals and the machines so that when you enter a class, you may do so safely and with progress. It could be rather frustrating to spend the entire class trying to understand as opposed to feeling the beneficial movements.

After your private training sessions, we can help guide you into classes that best suit you. In some cases, we may suggest you combine the private classes with semi-private classes for those with particular needs.

Small Group Training (Six Clients per Session)

To experience the optimal benefits of a movement practice, it’s important to commit yourself regularly. We recommend a minimum training of 2-3 times per week, or more if you have time. Practicing Pilates on a consistent basis will accelerate your results and greatly enhance your overall health.

Our Classes

Reformer Level 1/2

This Fundamental 50-minute Reformer 1/2 class focuses on a full body work-out (the entire class is on the reformer). Our basic and intermediate series of movements will challenge the body to increase strength, create a longer spine, reinforce proper alignment, and correct posture from head to toe.

Signature 60 Level 2

Our signature class includes Barre work, mat work, and reformer work . Standing Barre work challenges the body with Pilates-based movements and circuit training. The Pilates reformer is a spring-based moving bed that will lengthen, tone, and sculpt your body from head to toe.

This class is taught at a level 2. Clients must have prior reformer experience and have the ability to stabilize their body in standing work, gliding work, and movements that entail full body weight. The class will be 20 minutes each of Barre, mat work, and reformer work.

Pilates Boot Camp Reformer & Barre Level 2

This class is suitable for the more advanced client. It is a 50-minute, high intensity Interval Pilates class that certainly lives up to its name by being intense. With exercises incorporating the Pilates Reformer, Ballet Barre, and Pilates Reformer Jump board it will not only help you to boost your fitness, strength, muscle tone, and stamina but also burn your fat.

Expect a tough, upbeat, energizing, and challenging workout that raises your heart rate. 


This is a fun, energizing whole body workout at the ballet barre. Using multiple props such as balls, bands, and small weights will help define and strengthen your thighs, lift and tone your butt, and tone and sculpt your arms and core. Best of all, you will groove to the music and have a blast at the barre.

Whether this is your first or hundredth time in the Barre studio, we provide adjustments for our workouts to make sure you work at a level that challenges your body in a safe way.

New Client Special

We offer your first three reformer classes for only $60. Feel free to contact us via phone or email if you are interested in taking our classes. You can purchase the New Client Special Below by clicking on classes.We look forward to seeing you.

Intro To The Pilates Reformer

(No experience necessary and it is FREE!!!!!)
The free introductory class will introduce you to the Pilates reformer while performing basic Pilates postures and exercises. We at The Posture Bar , want all of our clients to feel comfortable adjusting the foot bar and changing the springs during the group reformer classes and this class is designed to do just that . You will learn a few of the Basic Exercise series on the Reformer allowing you to feel longer leaner and stronger!
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